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Why Montessori?

Peace building through education

Pat was invited to a parents’ conference in her daughter’s school and one of the highlights listed on the invite was ‘peace table.’ This caught her attention because her daughter…

Special Features


Dads and Montessori education

Not everyone knows about Montessori. Why not? It’s so good,’ said a dad whose two sons attend a Montessori school. On an airplane, he had, by happenstance, sat next to…

Health & Safety

Dyslexia and Montessori Education

Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability characterised by difficulties in accuracy and/or fluency in recognising words as well as poor abilities in spelling and word decoding. Dyslexia is not a…


Nature refers to mother earth and the things on it such as plants, animals, humans and the non- living things. It provides one of the biggest driving forces of curiosity…

Montessori & I

How the Montessori method transformed my classroom

My classroom prior to introducing the Montessori method was chaotic. Children playing rough, pushing one another and manhandling school property. Each day I had to scream at the top of…

Montessori Materials & Book Review